It's not a depressed job market in Flowery Branch. They're hiring.

Predictions: More Falcons’ kindness

3:28 pm Oct. 2, 2014

As the Falcons go into their fifth game still looking for a defense, or even a speed bump, or even just a good joke to tell a receiver during a pass route on the chance

Matt Ryan figures to be under duress even more after losing two (or three) more offensive linemen. (AP photo)

Falcons’ implosion may have just begun

2:46 pm Sep. 30, 2014

Well, look at it this way: The Falcons are still tied for first place.

A season that has the potential of spinning out of control quickly — and we reference last season as Exhibit A —

Inside Vikings' fan store, Adrian Peterson's jersey is not for sale.

LIVE: Falcons face Vikings minus Peterson

2:58 pm Sep. 28, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS — Welcome to middle America, where the contrasting emotions of how Minnesota Vikings’ fans feel about suspended running back Adrian Peterson continue.

Outside of the University of Minnesota’s football stadium, where the Vikings are playing