Mark Richt and Paul Johnson discuss their strategy for "Sack Schultz" contest. (AJC)

It’s ‘Sack Schultz’ time — how good are you?

11:48 am Aug. 22, 2014

Hello again. It’s almost time for college football season, and that means it’s almost time for the “Sack Schultz” contest, and that also means it’s almost time for Weekend Predictions, so let me start with

S.I. reports Bobby Petrino and Todd Grantham are already feuding. Surprise!. (AP photo)

Report: Petrino, Grantham already feuding (updated)

10:20 pm Aug. 18, 2014

When “reformed” Louisville coach Bobby Petrino hired former Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, it seemed like a perfect marriage — if one were to assume a petroleum truck parking in a warehouse full of plutonium

Petrino wants Grantham? He can have him

8:35 pm Jan. 12, 2014

So is this is where Georgia fans give thanks to … Bobby Petrino?

Less than a week after Louisville made the stunning decision to rehire Petrino as its head football coach, it was Petrino’s turn to