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SEC coaches don’t want rules skirted (wait, what?) (updated)

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Penn State's James Franklin is ruffling the feathers of SEC coaches. (AP photo)

Penn State’s James Franklin is ruffling the feathers of SEC coaches. (AP photo)

James Franklin, the former Vanderbilt coach now of Penn State, will be appearing at football camps next month at Georgia State and Stetson University, and SEC coaches don’t like. Why? Because it circumvents an NCAA rule.

Sorry. Need a minute. I can’t stop laughing.

So here’s the background: The NCAA has a rule that precludes NCAA coaches from holding football camps out of state more than 50 miles from their campus. The idea of this rule is to prevent Alabama’s Nick Saban from holding a camp in Athens and Georgia’s Mark Richt from going to Gainesville, Fla., and  Kentucky’s Mark Stoops going to … well, nobody really cares where Mark Stoops goes.

Anyway, Franklin, who I anticipate is going to do a great job at Penn State, technically is not breaking the NCAA rule because he’s classified as only a “guest” of Georgia State coach Trent Miles. It’s not Franklin’s camp.

The SEC has its own rule that prevents coaches from appearing even as guests at other camps. Franklin had to abide by that at Vanderbilt but he doesn’t have to now. So SEC coaches are upset and they want the NCAA to close the loophole.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive acknowledged at the conference meetings in Destin, “It’s that kind of thing that gets us to think about our rules.”

UPDATE: The website 247sports.com is reporting that Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly also has plans for a “satellite” camp at Georgia State in 2015.

UPDATE II: Just spoke to Miles. He confirmed that Notre Dame coaching staff is coming to Georgia State next year and had a lot of great comments on this issue. Look for them later in the full column.

UPDATED: Here’s a link to the full column with comments from Georgia State coach Trent Miles, who doesn’t really care that SEC coaches are upset.

Personally, I find it ironic and hysterical that SEC coaches are complaining about another coach exposing a “loophole” in the NCAA rulebook and living in the gray areas, particularly when it comes to recruiting.

Again, here’s a link to the column on MyAJC.com.

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